Clinical Pilates and Exercise Rehabilitation at Nowra Allied Health Centre


Clinical Pilates is a movement and exercise based therapy that combines traditional Pilates exercises with our extensive training in human movement to prescribe an individual exercise program. At Nowra Allied Health Centre, we have a full onsite clinical Pilates studio (reformers, ½ trapeze, wunda chair, small apparatus) along with strength and conditioning and cardiovascular gym equipment. Exercise is an effective way to improve functional movement patterns, increase strength and stability, restore neuromuscular control and to manage, and prevent a wide range of conditions. This can lead to reduced pain, improved function, injury prevention and enhanced performance. Each patient is individually assessed by their practitioner and guided through a progressive and specific movement routine to address individual goals and deficits. As functional exercise rehabilitation is highly specific to your own individual needs, it is appropriate for anyone, from the most elite athlete to those who are just starting their exercise journey.